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They focus on the individual.

Student Grade 10

They help me learn by giving me time to finish the activity and enjoy it more by finding the fun side to it. They help me feel safe by listening to me and my friends.

Student Grade 8

My favourite teacher helps me, he sits down and tells me over and over what to do and how to do it. If i need them all I do is ask for help. He helps me with issues around school and I can even talk to him about issues at home, so it makes me feel safe.

Student Grade 10

I…found it easy to find friends and get help when needed. My favourite subjects are Music, Art, English, Maths, Science, Hass, PE and Action Crew.

Student Grade 8

I like the different teachers and classrooms and that I have the opportunity to extend my work to higher grades.

Student Grade 8

We have lots of area to play, like basketball courts, netball courts, playground, oval, swings and lots of areas to hang out.

Student Grade 6

…Sorell School has absolutely exceeded our expectations. This is a great school that is caring for each of our children and their needs as individuals.

Parent Kinder , Grade 1, Grade 2

Sorell school has a fantastic farm which provides opportunities to learn unique vocational skills.

Parent Grade 11

It is a great school, close to home and has provided fantastic encouragement and recognition to both my girls.

Parent Prep & Grade 2

They are so supportive and great with communication. My youngest has a learning disability and she's really improved thanks to the support of the school.

Parent Prep & Grade 2

I have found that they teach my children strength, bravery, positive encouragement, kindness, coping skills, (and a) “you can do it” attitude.

Parent Prep & Grade 1

The teachers know our children and their different strengths and needs. Where they have needed help, they have helped, where they have needed to be extended, they have been extended.

Parent Kinder, Grade 1 & Grade 2

Teachers at Sorell care about our children. They have established learning routines such as home reading and literacy groups to improve their reading and writing.

Parent Grade 1 & Grade 4

They have been incredibly inclusive and actively accepting of my child identifying as non-binary.

Parent Grade 7

The Pioneer School and Farm are great assets to the school. The Kitchen Garden program is fantastic and I'm loving not having to make school lunches due to the Paddock to Plate program!

Parent Grade 2 & Grade 4

As soon as we walk onto the school grounds or pass them in the shops…there is always a smile and a welcoming feeling. The staff are approachable, children smiling and seeing the lovely work displayed the children have done is wonderful.

Parent Prep & Grade 2

Inclusive, Respectful, Genuine.

Parent : Prep & Grade 8

Improving. Positive. Caring.

Parent Grade 9