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Primary Campus

Primary Campus: Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 5.

The Sorell Primary School caters for children from their pre-school years, then Kinder to grade 5.

One kinder class is located at Midway Point, whilst the remainder of the classes are located at the main campus off Walker St, Sorell. Sessions for Birth to Age Four children are held at both sites.

There are 15 class groups on the primary campus with an enrolment of about 380 students.

primary sportsStudents are encouraged to participate in a range of sporting opportunities.

The Primary School has a strong sense of history teaching and learning, with a practical hands-on approach, and together with a number of community-based and environmental learning programs, offers students rich and relevant learning experiences.

pioneer village primary school choir heritage

The following is a list of the 2018 class groups:

Kinder Midway Point

Julie Park (AST) and Hannah Johnston

Kinder Sorell

Hannah Davis


Jenni Sharp


Rowena Smith


Christine Moore and Jayne Nillsen

Grade 1/2A

Colleen Hennessy

Grade 1/2B

Viv Willson

Grade 1/2C

Rhonda Wilson

Grade 2/3

Rosemary Pretyman

Grade 3

Anita Button and Jen Alexander

Grade 3/4

Andrea Kerslake

Grade 4A

Monique Datlen

Grade 4B

Bree Griggs

Grade 5A

Michelle O’Toole

Grade 5B

Sheila Hameed


John Weatherburn and Leigh Lazarus

Health and PE

Leon Lakos

Literacy Support

Rosanne Lay (Early Years)

Literacy Support

Sarah MacDonald (Teacher Coaching project)


Hannah Johnston

AST & Literacy support

Trent Sproule 

Resource Teacher

Moya Sharpe

Support Teacher

Karen Kenny

Assistant Principal

Brendan Breen


Andy Bennett