The Pioneer Village is a collection of buildings that allows students to explore the lives of the early settlers 

living in the Sorell region.

Founded in 1979 by teacher and historian Moya Sharpe, the Pioneer Village has grown to include many 

different buildings, all of which are full of artefacts from the past.  The buildings include:  Draper shop, 

olden day school room, post office, doctor's rooms, blacksmith, old gaol and an Aboriginal yarning circle.

The Pioneer Classroom

Filled with old books, wooden desks, quills and ink, students

can immerse themselves in an olden day classroom.


Past Times Photography Building

This building is filled with old clothes and artefacts from the past.  Students dress up as convicts, 

soldiers and free settlers to role-play historic events of the past.


The General Store

An old cash register, baskets and old tins to purchase make up the

General Store, where students can spend their olden day pennies.


Heritage Day

Sorell School also hosts a Heritage Day celebration each year to celebrate the local history and to 

supplement the school's history program.  Families are invited to take part in the activities.  

Some of the activities include:  Wooden horse racing, olden day games, 

food and stalls set up by different grade levels.